Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a massage chair, there are several important factors to take into consideration to ensure you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. If you’ve already done a fair amount of research and have browsed our selection, you’ve noticed how many different options we have . . . but now you may be wondering, What is the difference? Infinity’s massage chair guide was created to educate you and help you determine which model will be best for you.

Number of People Using the Massage Chair

Will you be the only one using your massage chair, or will you be sharing with multiple people? If it’s going to be used by the whole family, you’ll want to take their needs and preferences into account in addition to yours to ensure everyone is happy. For example, height, problem areas, and massage intensity are all areas that vary by user—and each of our chairs addresses these preferences in different ways. Let’s break it down.

User Height

Massage chairs are not a one-size-fits-all type of product. They offer many features and benefits, so to make the most of those benefits, your chair should fit you comfortably. Consider your height and, if applicable, that of other potential users in your household. Depending on the model, Infinity Massage Chairs cater to people from 4’10” to those who stand over 6’3″.

Exactly why does size matter?

  • Shoulder Airbag Massage: All of our chairs include shoulder airbags, which should reach and compress your shoulders and help keep them straight to encourage proper posture.
  • Massage Roller Track: Roller track length varies by massage chair, which affects where the rollers hit your body and make it another feature to account for when considering height.
  • Leg Rest: The leg rest of each massage chair provides a comprehensive calf and foot massage using airbag technology. They also have rollers in the soles of the feet for a soothing reflexology massage. To thoroughly enjoy the lower body massage, your legs should fit comfortably in the leg rest compartments. Each of our chairs features an adjustable leg rest mechanism, which means every chair accommodates a certain height range.

Symptoms and Needs

How are you looking to unlimit your wellness? Do you have problem areas you’re trying to improve upon? The massage benefits are many, including:

  • Improved Circulation
  • Decreased Lower Back Pain
  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Stress
  • Faster Workout Recovery

Certain models in our line-up offer particular features to treat these areas. For example, the Riage X3 includes a rocking technique, a motion that is linked to better sleep and reduced stress. Other models are designed with exceptional inversion stretches for spinal correction and pain relief, such as the IT-8500 X3. Determine which of these benefits matter most to you, and we’ll help you find the perfect massage chair based on your needs.

Desired Massage Intensity

Do you enjoy a gently soothing rub-down, or would you prefer a deep and powerful massage? Perhaps your ideal strength is somewhere in the middle, or it depends on your mood. Gentle massage can help improve circulation, while deep pressure massage relieves muscle tension and loosens tissues. Consider this factor in combination with the areas of your life that you want to unlimit when you’re ready to buy a massage chair.

S-track vs. L-track

An S-track massage chair is built with a roller track that conforms to the S-shape of your spine and runs from about your neck area to your lumbar region, right about where your pants sit on your waist. An L-track, while also conforming to the spine’s natural shape, extends to the glute muscles. The benefit of an S-track model is its ability to offer the ultimate stretch, because the chair back can recline further back since the track does not extend as far. An L-shaped roller track, on the other hand, provides maximum massage coverage, but cannot be reclined as far due to the track design. Which is more important to you?

Other Features & Considerations

Infinity Massage Chairs come with a variety of bonus feature sets that facilitate the most convenient and comfortable massage possible. Keep these in mind if any of them spark your interest or sound like they would fulfill a need.

  • Lumbar Heat: Heat function located in the chair back around the lumbar region intended to warm and loosen muscles to better prepare them for massage
  • Heated Rollers: Ceramic rollers that warm up to enhance your massage and soothe muscles more effectively
  • Wireless Remote: A cordless version of your remote for easier control of your massage chair
  • Bluetooth Technology: Capability to pair your massage chair with your Bluetooth enabled device to play your favorite tunes wirelessly through the chair’s speakers
  • Mobile App: Apple™ or Android® app that allows you to pair your chair to your smartphone via Bluetooth® and us it as the massage chair remote control

Space Requirements

While we do our best to ensure Infinity Massage Chairs will unlimit your life, we understand that sometimes there are unavoidable space limitations—but have no fear! We’ve got smaller and space-saving models that can fit even in small and cozy rooms. If space is no concern and your massage chair will be going into an open area, of course, then you won’t have to worry about our larger models.